Client Centred Learning

A way of teaching that takes into consideration how you learn

A Client Centred Approach to Teaching

In April 2014 the Driving and Vehicle Standard Agency (DVSA) Introduced changes to the way driving instructors deliver training to their pupils. The focus is now on a more “Client Centred Approach” to teaching people how to drive.

The Driving and Vehicle Standard Agency (DVSA) have set out and published exactly what it takes to be a safe and responsible driver in the National Standards for Driver & Rider Training (NSDRT).

All driving Instructors should be using this as their guide as to how they should be delivering each driving lesson. The (NSDRT) sets out what drivers need to be able to do and the knowledge and understanding they need to be able to do it.

 What is Client Centred Learning

There is no “One size fits all” learner we are all individuals, and as individuals we all learn in a different way, and at a different pace.  Client Centred Learning takes in to account how each individual learns best.

There are generally four different ways we like to learn, Visual, Aural, Read/write, and Kinesthetic. Some people will be more visual learners, preferring to learn with use of diagrams/drawings. Some will lean towards a more Auditory way of learning Listening/ speaking. Along with that there is also read –write this preference emphasizes text-based input like books/manuals. Finally some will be more Kinesthetic preferring to learn by doing/having a go themselves.

To learn more about how we learn and to take a VARK test to see how you learn best click the link

 The DVSA Define Client Centred Learning as follows

“People learn in different ways and at different speeds. If someone who likes time to reflect on their learning is forced to move on to the next thing too quickly it could slow down their progress. Or if someone who likes to learn by trying things out is made to watch too many demonstrations without having a go they will get frustrated.

Client-Centred Learning is an approach to learning that takes into account how the learner prefers to learn. When people learn in this way they are more likely to retain information and skills. People are also more likely to keep learning if they are encouraged to take responsibility for their learning at an early stage – this is the second aim of Client-Centred Learning”.

 Teaching in a client centred way

Client Centred Learning is an approach that every driving instructor should now be using within their teaching. It’s a way of teaching learner drivers that emphasises the focus being on the pupil. The main points should be:

Working together with your pupil, and helping them to set specific and realistic goals to help them to learn, and expand their practical skills, and their knowledge, via experience based learning.

Listening carefully to what your pupil says to you, and what their concerns and worries are, that may be getting in the way of their learning. Giving you, a better understanding of how you can best help them to reach their learning goals.

Encouraging your pupils to evaluate and scale their own progress, and become a safe and responsible driver.

It’s important to build a good rapport, trust, and respect with your pupils showing them that you value their input to find solutions to any problems that they may have. Pupils will be much more likely to take your advice and guidance if you work alongside them as an equal.

At its simplest, this means listening to your learner (the client) to find out how they like to learn, finding out the things that are getting in the way of their progress and how you can help.

The more you use Client Centred Learning, the more effective the driving instruction will be.

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us and we will help with any questions you may have.

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