Why Topclass Driving School?

We are passionate about teaching people to drive and our mission is to help you to achieve it.
To us your success is our success.

Choosing a Driving School

Choosing a driving school is one of the most important decisions you must make, but can be a tricky task. With so many to choose from how do you go about choosing the right one to suit your needs?

You want an experienced and patient instructor, who is reliable and punctual and has plenty of positive customer reviews. A local driving school/instructor is generally better than an instructor from outside your area as they will know all the local areas and test routes and have a good local reputation. You may be looking in particular for a male or female instructor or an instructor who is good with nervous pupils or has a particular specialism like teaching special needs, automatic tuition or Intensive courses.

The best method by far is to go on recommendation from friends or family as they will have first-hand experience with the driving school/driving instructor.

Here at Topclass we rely a lot on customer recommendations to keep our large team of local driving instructors busy and are grateful to our customers past and present for the customer reviews they provide. With over 3000 driving test passes and 650 local customer reviews along with the reasons given for choosing us to include the quality of teaching, value for money lessons, patient & friendly instructors, excellent reputation & the high number of recommendations you can be assured of top quality service and tuition.

Continued Professional Development (CPD) of Topclass Driving Instructors

A common misconception by the general public is that ALL Driving Instructors are the same; the truth is although they all take the same qualifying exams they vary enormously in the standards of both the customer service and level of tuition they offer. Unfortunately, around 50% of all driving instructors never take any further development training from the day they qualify and it stands to reason that they would be lacking in recent developments such as client centred learning and CPD.

Driving instructors that have taken responsibility for their own development training will be more confident in their ability to offer a high standard of driving tuition and the price they charge will reflect this. Many successful driving instructors will have several customer reviews to offer a completely unbiased view of their services and level of tuition.

All Topclass driving instructors are trained to an extremely high standard and many of them have become driving instructors through our own in house instructor training programme. All our Instructors work under the umbrella of the driving school and therefore adhere to a strict code of conduct, and our own mission statement and have periodic internal development training to ensure they remain at the forefront of their profession.

Want to Change Your Driving School?

We receive approximately 4-5 calls each week from students that are looking to transfer to us from other driving instructors or driving schools, around 30% of all learner drivers change their driving instructor/driving school before reaching their practical driving test. Do you ever get to the end of your lessons and feel that you haven’t learnt anything? The reality is – that you probably haven’t

A proportion of our work is from students that have decided to change from their present school due to a variety of reasons e.g.

"My instructor is always talking on the phone instead of looking after me"

"I receive no feedback to enable me to improve"

"He/she is always late"

"The tuition car smells of smoke"

"He/she talks more about themselves than about my driving"

These are just some of the reasons that are given to us when talking to new students.
Does this sound familiar? If so, visit our Moving from another driving school page. Here at Topclass Driving School we believe that we charge a realistic and competitive lesson fee that helps us to attract the best instructors in the local area, this in turn enables us to invest in continued professional development to keep our instructors at the forefront of their profession and give you the customer value for money driving lessons.

When choosing your driving School we understand that cost is an important factor, but choosing driving lessons solely on price can be a huge mistake and all too often the “hidden cost of cheap” becomes obvious when a lack of progress is experienced. Driving schools offering low lesson prices may seem like a good idea, but you should carefully consider the standard of tuition you’ll be receiving. You may think you are saving money but the trade-off could be that you need double the amount of lessons to obtain your driving licence

When you compare driving schools don’t go on driving lesson prices alone, try to make an informed decision by reading customer reviews and recommendations from real learner drivers. Look for quality of teaching and learner ratings along with patience and friendliness of instructors.

Our driving school currently provides driving lessons to around 500 pupils a week, every one of our driving lessons is fully structured and will have a firm objective of what is to be achieved during that lesson. Once we have established the learning objective with the pupil and checked they have a good idea of what is expected to reach that objective, we set a bespoke lesson plan to accomplish maximum learning for the duration of the driving lesson.

We offer a range of reasonably-priced manual and automatic driving lesson packages and deals for beginners, without sacrificing on service and quality. Our PAYG lessons along with our block booking deals are very competitively priced and are conducted by highly recommended driving instructors near you. We also offer a 100% money back guarantee on all our lessons should you not be happy with the service, or tuition you receive.  Whatever your choice, we hope it is the correct one and would like to wish you a positive learning experience along with safe driving for life.

Topclass Mission Statement

The purpose of Topclass driving school is to provide high quality driver education in combination with unrivalled customer service.  Key Objectives:

  • We will distinguish ourselves from competitors by providing excellent and unrivalled customer services.
  • The office staff will endeavour to answer all customer calls in person between 09.00 am to 6pm Monday to Saturday.
  • Instructors will endeavour to arrive at the appointed lesson time at least 90% of the time or offer an apology.
  • Instructors will offer an interactive recap of the previous lesson to set base line for tuition.
  • Instructors will state firm aims and objectives for the current lesson so the pupil is in no doubt as to the purpose of the lesson and what they are trying to achieve from the session.
  • Instructors will teach in a non-confrontational manner.
  • Instructors will offer feedback and encouragement linked to specific areas of development.
  • Instructors will interactively summarise the lesson so the pupil is fully aware of strengths and weaknesses and whether the objective was achieved.
  • Instructors will endeavour to reply to text messages and calls from customers as soon as possible and at the very least the same day.
  • Instructors will keep the tuition vehicle in a clean and tidy condition that reflects the branding and professional image of the driving school.
  • Instructors will ensure that personal hygiene is of the highest order including body odour and bad (coffee / cigarette) breath.
  • Instructors will ensure that customers receive a copy of the pricing structure, clearly stating which option has been chosen & all stationery due to them on their first lesson.

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us and we will help with any questions you may have.

Try Us And See

We are so confident that you will love the tuition we provide that we will give you a massive £60.00 discount to “Try Us and See” with a 100% money back Guarantee.

Customer Reviews

With over 3000 driving test passes and 650 customer reviews on our website, who will you trust with your driving tuition? Read what our customers have to say about us.

Meet The Team

Want to check out your driving instructor?  Meet our team of DVSA qualified, expert and hardworking local manual driving instructors who are waiting to deliver your driving lessons.

Areas Covered

Topclass driving school provides manual and automatic driving lessons across most areas of Kent and surrounding areas.
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Driving Lesson Prices

We offer quality driving tuition from as little as £29.00 an hour. Discounts on block bookings and save up to £60.00 with our 10 hour Try Us and See deal with 100% money back guarantee.


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