Driving Test Pass Maidstone

Congratulations to Louise Clements of Maidstone who passed her practical driving test on the 13th 01 2020 at the Maidstone driving test with just 1 driver fault. Louise Took her driving lessons with our Instructor Andy. Having had a 3-year break to start a family since her last test, it was great to see Louise…

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The 8 Changes to the Highway Code that you need to know

Highway Code

On January 29th 2022 the rules in the Highway Code were updated to improve the safety for all types of road users including pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders. 1. Hierarchy of road users The Highway Code has now been updated to include a new ‘hierarchy of road users’. The 3 new rules are numbered H1,…

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Driving safely with a Sat Nav

Driving safely with a Sat Nav - Topclass Driving School

The days of your passenger reading a map while you drive and giving you directions on the go are now long gone. When it comes to driving unknown routes, nearly 50 % of people now use a Sat Nav device of some kind, and since November 2017 Sat Nav has even been incorporated into the…

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How To Pass Your Driving Test

How To Pass Your Driving Test - Topclass Driving School

Unfortunately a lot of driving test candidates fail the driving test on the first attempt and some candidate’s driving test several times before they eventually pass. Over the 20 years I have been teaching I have heard many excuses as to the reason for their failures, the main one being it was the examiners fault!…

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Beat Driving Test Nerves

Driving Test Nerves - Topclass Driving School

Driving tests can trigger problems for learner drivers. Even learners who consider themselves to be good drivers can get anxious over a driving test. Because one serious error can cost a learner the opportunity to get their full driving license, there is considerable pressure to perform well on the day of the test. The fear…

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